Ice Towel Cooling Towels

Today we are reviewing a bizarre item I bought the other day, an Ice Towel cooling towel from Now this is described as being useful for all manner of things from cooling during a workout through to helping you get through a fever, as the towel will stay up to 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. So let’s give it a go.

The Ice Towel Build Quality & Packaging

Ice Towel Cooling Towel

Well given that this is just a piece of fabric of some kind, similar to a shammie you would wax your car with, you wouldn’t expect too much to go wrong. We have tried pulling and tearing with no joy so we can assume it is quite hardy and should last a while. The item comes sealed within a nice plastic carry case, useful for keeping the wet fabric off your other stuff in your gym bag.

Ice Towel Usage

The instructions for the ice towel are quite simple, unwrap, rinse off in warm water, and then rinse thoroughly in cold water. Squeeze or wring the towel out and place on the parts of your body that you want to cool. Now I was a bit dubious about its effectiveness, but after trying it I am amazed. It definitely does feel “ice cool” when placed on forehead/neck or legs. We left the ice towel for about an hour and it still had that ice cold feel to it.


For anyone that hits the gym or does a lot of cardio sports that makes them hot and sweaty, I would definitely recommend this product. It would also be useful in the cupboard if you had small kids that got a lot of bumps and bruises as would do a better job than a bag of peas.

These retail for about £20, but I have found this one for sale on Amazon for £12, available in pink or blue.