Gifts for Christmas: RoboAttack Remote Control Robot and Picket Fishing Rod

Introducing the RoboAttack Remote Control Robot by ThinkGizmos the ideal Remote Control Robot Toy for any child. Available online at Amazon here: .

The RoboAttack have a variety of different functions to keep children entertained and playing for hours. It has foam missiles which fire direct from the Robots chest and talks.


Move the robot around with the included remote control until you reach your desired target and let the missiles fly.

The Robo Attack robot also has a lights, sound, a laser gun and can dance when the dance button is pressed, providing a variety of different ways to enjoy the Robot over and over again.

You can check out the RoboAttack in action here:

Give a man a fish they say, and he will eat for a day. Give a man a fishing rod and he can feed himself for a lifetime. The trouble is that fishing rods tend to be big, bulky affairs that are useless for today’s corporate, urban environment. But what if you could put a rod in your pocket (keep it clean please) and take it just about everywhere you go? This pocket rod makes spontaneous fishing trips a reality thanks to it’s incredibly clever design. Just 8 inches long and disguised as a slightly over-sized fountain pen, remove the lid to reveal a fully collapsed telescopic fishing rod. A quick flick of the wrist and you have a complete 4 foot rod constructed from lightweight aluminium alloy. As if that wasn’t cool enough though, also included is a mini reel and a triple-hook spinner so you are ready to go at a moment’s notice. Bait is up to you, but there’s usually something tempting left in a corner of the office fridge that no one else wants. In the name of diversity and inclusion, the brass-finish reel clips neatly onto the rod and also comes with a switchable ratchet so lefties and righties can use the Pocket Fishing Rod equally. So next time you faced with fish fingers from the works canteen the Pocket Fishing Rod gives you the perfect alternative – the chance to catch your own fresh rainbow trout (or whatever else is lurking in there!) from the nearest lake. We know which one is more fun! And in the event you don’t want to catch fish, there are plenty of potential office pranks to be pulled off with fishing line…