TG813 Interactive toy rabbit

Are your kids constantly nagging you about getting a pet, but you just don’t have the time to spend, then the TG813 interactive toy rabbit may be the perfect product for you! This rabbit can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 3.

What is it? The product is an interactive toy, it moves and makes sounds just like a real pet but without any of the cleanup! Over the robotic interior is a soft and furry layer making this rabbit just like cuddling a real-life rabbit. Not only that, but you can even feed it, if you place the included carrot next to the rabbit’s mouth you can watch as it chews away happily.

What is included? Included with the rabbit is of course the carrot that it eats, meaning there is not extra pieces you need to buy to get maximum fun. The set also includes the batteries needed so the fun can start right away.

Personal review of the rabbit: As someone who was not allowed to have a pet until later in life, the idea of this toy really appealed to me. It gives families who may not have space or time to look after a real pet the chance to allow their children to feel the enjoyment that you would get out of having one.

Where can I buy this? This product is available in all the usual places such as Amazon and Ebay. It can also be found on Onbuy and can be purchased from the Think Gizmos website at a cost of £27.95