Portable Washing Machine with Wash and Spin Cycles


Living in a small apartment and have no room for a giant washing machine? With a weight of just 24lbs (11kg), the TG23 Portable Washing Machine from Think Gizmos is perfect for you. With the help of the portable washing machine, you can now skip using the laundromat and save yourself money. You will also no longer have to share washing machines with strangers which is always a plus! (especially in these times).

What is it

The Portable Washing Machine from Think Gizmos is the ideal lightweight washing machine for people who don’t have the space for a regular washing machine during in their homes.

Being lightweight and smaller than the average washing machine does not hinder its performance! The machine has both a wash and spin tub and can hold up to 7.9lbs (3.6kg) for wash and 4.4lbs (2kg) for spin. You don’t need anything fancy to power it either; you just need access to water and a socket.

My favourite part is that it is so easy to use! The last thing you want to be doing is figuring out what settings and temperature your wash needs to be on. Simply fill with water and washing powder and then set it cleaning mode. It is inexpensive and lightweight, does the job and causes less stress than your typical washing machine.

Whats included

Included in the box are the washing machine, water fill hose, Drainage Tube and fully translated manual (languages included English, German, French, Italian and Spanish).

Review from Amazon

I live in a second storey apartment and for 6 months I’ve been using a laundrette, spending approx $10 a time every week ($240). I wish I’d bought this sooner. It’s lightweight I can lift it up on my countertop with ease, and I don’t have any anxiety about what Im going to do when I move out of the apartment…which is what stopped me from ordering a normal (heavy) washer…there would be no way that I could lift a normal washer our of my apartment and down the 2 flights of stairs.”

Where can I buy

Currently the TG23 Portable Washing Machine is available on Amazon and Ebay at $219.95. Think Gizmos don’t stop there though! There are even more portable and lightweight products that may be useful in your apartment. One I particularly like is portable dishwasher. Check out their website at https://us.thinkgizmos.com/ if you want to see what is available.